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Elder Makers - Master Classes

TorontoSubmitted by BriannaSmrke
Making isn't new. It's got a pedigree. Ask your grandmother what she knows about using her two hands and you'll get a wealth of knowledge. She'll...

Learning 2.0

RaleighSubmitted by scholzet
Makers will learn by doing, by inventing, and by exploring. The old ideas of Maria Montessori, and Seymour Papert will finally blossom in the...

Plastic 2025 #hometown

PortlandSubmitted by kayvee
Every home in Portland area has a simple plastic recycling appliance--design competitions to make household furnishings that can be recycled...


BeijingSubmitted by FilipBeijing
We all have many skills but lack real life space to share knowledge and communication channels to connect the dots and link the people. Yet...

Efficient water usage

San JoseSubmitted by liaslovebirds
Apartment complexes will all have systems that learn the schedules of the residents in each apartment: when they shower, cook, do laundry, etc....

Share Exchange

San JoseSubmitted by Neal Gorenflo
Every neighborhood has a place to share, repair, and make what they need for everyday life.

Cloud School

SingaporeSubmitted by Arkivist
20% of Singapore students will be attending cloud school. Aims at a diverse group of student ranging from children with disability, handicap,...

El Nido

Maker WorldSubmitted by gus
El Nido is a Hub for environmental education, where people can share their ideas on community´s ecological challenges. El Nido offers different...

Transparent City

Maker WorldSubmitted by alubrutaru
Absolutely all data from the state institutions to be publicly available in detail and very easy accessible (both for research and in understanding)....

A Connected Cambridge

Maker WorldSubmitted by mcsorg
Another vision for Cambridge is for it to be a connected city. Everywhere you go, there is wifi. It wouldn't have to be really fast but at least...

Future of billboards

OaklandSubmitted by moxie
The billboards of the future are not about advertising products. Instead companies, organizations and individuals can sponsor artists to create...

Future of Learning

SydneySubmitted by I_Hope_I_Dont_Get_Spammed
Pop-up stores that help teach makers will crop up across the cityscape. They will help inform and teach Makers - both through physical stores...


San FranciscoSubmitted by user1373303868
Hackerspace offers open badges accredited classes.

Accredited Maker Schools

Kansas CitySubmitted by sarah
Kansas City public schools lost accreditation January 2012. By 2025, we wont be fighting over test scores. Instead, KC will lead the way in...

City as a Laboratory for the Future

Maker WorldSubmitted by Spock Picard
It was said that states would be the "laboratory of democracy", but yesterdays state-centric worldview has given way to a city-centric one....

Tomb of the Unknown Watchers

BaltimoreSubmitted by tedks
In 2025, Fort Meade's giant cube of black glass houses a massive memorial to the failed leakers assassinated or imprisoned before the privacy...

Reclaiming Rush Hour

OaklandSubmitted by Sherri
RECLAIMING RUSH HOUR(S) MAKER WORLD - Submitted by Sherri on Jan 23 2014 In the near future, traffic sensors measure and predict the flow of...

Zero Heating and Cooling

ShanghaiSubmitted by GreenChina
No Heating and Cooling inside of all buildings. All buildings have quality insulation for storing heat in the winter and have good reflection...

First aid armlet

TorontoSubmitted by Sebastian
Our elderly loved ones are at higher risk of getting a stroke or heart attack. The first aid armlet will detect emergency situations, initiate...


San FranciscoSubmitted by Mark Junkunc
So many people would enjoy the public transportation if it were a fast roller coaster instead of a dumb ol buss. People would get around the...

House farmer city

SingaporeSubmitted by EnderJiang
Singapore was known as a city of garden, but this garden is facing new challenges. In the next 10 years, the population of this country will...

Voting with money + sensors

Borough of BronxSubmitted by CrazyI
My dream for governance is for people to "vote" with their tax dollars -- actually say how they would allot their own money to important community...

Original SIN City

Las VegasSubmitted by DWin1
It's been a while since your last visit and you are ready to get your party on. It's 10am and as youf flight descends upon Las Vegas you notice...

DaySpace - A Downtown "Home Office"

TorontoSubmitted by BriannaSmrke
Today, thousands of condos sit empty during the day while their occupants go to work. In 2025, dead space in the city core will not be an option....

Atom level 3D Print

ShenzhenSubmitted by Grissom
With Atom level 3D Print, people will be able to use less scarce resources to produce more scarce resources products. With this technology,...

Maker/hack space

Cape TownSubmitted by makerlibrary
Imagine taking an informal city 1.2 million people and projecting them from poverty into the 21st century by doing 3 essential things. 1. Free...

Open Air University

SydneySubmitted by Pat
Provides a tertiary learning space, which exposes students directly to the environment and climate around them. Particularly targeted at design,...

interactive glass in class rooms.

SydneySubmitted by courtney
interactive glass will be implemented into class rooms for all levels of education. This would enable educators to bring back the joy of learning...

Interchangeable Parts

SydneySubmitted by Wayne Brookes
Sydney Utilities would provide schematics and 3D models for makers to 3D Print to help repair utilities. This would be open for any professional...

Drone Grocery Delivery

SydneySubmitted by Hayley Tulich
Send your grocery list to manufacturers and get your weekly/fortnightly grocery package by drone

Maker AGriculture

Maker WorldSubmitted by CrazyI
In Madeira in the future, people will use cutting edge science conducted by citizens from other mountainous islands to measure their exact property...

Chattanooga will be a city with no digital divide.

Maker WorldSubmitted by A Coulter
All sectors work together to create a city where all have ready and convenient access to the internet and all opportunities that access provides...

Bill of Data Rights

Washington D. C.Submitted by jimmoffet
In SynchroniCity, data is the lifeblood of the economy. We are mines, and we are miners. When is personal data given, and when is it taken?...

Sans Land

OaklandSubmitted by Furniture
In the future Oakland and San Francisco are totally overpopulated. Sans Land is a floating city water bridge thing that is built between San...

Make Tank

San JoseSubmitted by Air Maker
The Institute for the Future evolves from a think tank to become a make-tank.

Maker Philosophers! #hometown

BostonSubmitted by Transcendentalist
In 2025, Concord citizens will be blending transcendental philosophy with their physical surroundings on a new scale. Makers will be finding...

Learning Everywhere #hometown

PortlandSubmitted by MoK
Outdoor "classrooms" abound in 2025 (some with roofs; this is Portland, after all!), along the park blocks and the river you can drop in and...

Participatory Budgeting

San JoseSubmitted by Neal Gorenflo
The entire city budget is developed through direct democracy. This is an extension of participatory budgeting in use circa 2013 where citizens...

Near-sourced (mini) City Hall

San JoseSubmitted by Innovate_EconDev
An opt-in community of city government workers do all their work from a small pilot building near main City Hall. Everything in this space...

[ freespace ] Eco Art Complex

Maker WorldSubmitted by Mike Zuckerman
Cultural Infrastructure to watch the world cup and learn about scrap hacking.

Civic Hacker Plaza

San FranciscoSubmitted by Jon Worona
A permanent outdoor maker park and underground indoor facility providing resources and platforms for civic engagement with city soil, data,...

No More Traffic

San FranciscoSubmitted by Krash63
Create a culture of walking and biking through the Coastside for schools and tourism. No car zones from Devil's Slide to Miramontes.

Collective Cars

Washington D. C.Submitted by tedks
The hassel of finding parking in DC becomes but a bitter memory as residents abandon personal cars in favor of collective car ownership shares....


Maker WorldSubmitted by ajn108
A town filled with people who are obsessively into fitness - harnesses all that energy to provide solar and other sustainable power sources...

Collective moods

Maker WorldSubmitted by Alina
The neighbourhood will become a collective organism and will sense the moods of everyone in the area. Once in a while, the physical neighbourhood...

School SyncroniCity

City of LondonSubmitted by BekBlayton
A device which, in a link to a SMART School Watch, connects any subject accounts to download lessons, resources and upload any work completed...

Telecommuting gone Wild

PhoenixSubmitted by jackamofinane
"Lamar! How many times do I have to tell you that pink polka dots do not comply with the dress code"... "oh.. sorry boss" click click... "Thanks,...

Joe City

PhoenixSubmitted by jackamofinane
Nobody knows how it happed but after year and years of questionable activities, Sheriff Joe finally did something that everyone is happy about....

Civic Center - Multi Story Farm

San FranciscoSubmitted by Mark Junkunc
Lets build a multi story farm at civic center and really sell some local produce during the farmers market! It can't get any more local than...

Holding On To Our Most Valuable Asset: The Minds Of The Elderly

SeattleSubmitted by Jaqueline
As technology and media continues to advance at a rapid rate, we as a society are forgetting our most valuable asset; our senior citizens. The...

Education is a walk in the park

San JoseSubmitted by GREENplanner
There are large, iPadlike tablets mounted on trees. You scan your fingers to enter a secure session. At each tree, you connect with a new Guru....

Medium-scale manufacturing

Borough of BronxSubmitted by CrazyI
3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing. Not home manufacturing. Many people think how great it would be if they could print anything they...

Independent Food Makers Unite

DenverSubmitted by Maurag
In this scenario independent food makers would be able to work together to achieve a unified level of success. This picture would include helping...

Crowfunding + gov funding everyone

ShanghaiSubmitted by isaac
Set up a government micro-fund, to support makers who share their ideas and creations online. The government fund can be parallel with crowd...

3D Printing Store

OmahaSubmitted by Zachary Bendickson
A combination Walmart/Home Depot type business. Utilizing plastic, ceramic, metallic, and food 3D printers, "all currently available and being...

Gyms become Human-powered utility stations

TorontoSubmitted by Brianna Smrke
Synchronized gym schedules allow citizens to offest their utility costs by creating energy for others to use - hooking up bikes, treadmills,...

Bangladeshi Neighborhoods; Redefined

DhakaSubmitted by ZaheerThe_Maker
Bangladeshi Neighborhoods are not that social, and most live in flats, while one flat's tenants communicate, other flats do not. I hope to make...


El PasoSubmitted by wombats!wombats!
Multilevel greenhouses, with artificial sunlight and machines that take water out of the air for irrigation as well as regular greenhouses for...

Collective Public Policy development

San FranciscoSubmitted by CrazyI
A city where everyone can partipate in public policies development through an online platform- a city where we can have free, easy, transparent...


IstanbulSubmitted by ariel
A fun city

Traffic jam solved

CairoSubmitted by future
Through bike/ car sharing

Edible Community Landscaping

PortlandSubmitted by Freyjasdotter
In the world of apartments and condos, it is often difficult to find land in which to grow your own food. At the same time, governments have...


San FranciscoSubmitted by Drako Pineda
A neighboorhood where the houses have solar panels and each house has a valet parking and a little forest

Clean Factories

Colorado SpringsSubmitted by 171661
Lots of factories around the country make the air polluted and unsafe to breathe. It also makes the atmosphere weaker and we are more vulnerable...

Interactive Glass

SydneySubmitted by Sophie Hawkins
Interactive/smart glass technology being used to increase advertising spaces in cities and provide people the opportunity to learn about more...

Real Skills

SydneySubmitted by Dante
In primary and secondary school, traditional learning methods will be abolished and replaced with a new collaborative learning environment which...

Urban Agriculture Spaces

Maker WorldSubmitted by Micha Becker
The City of Hamburg will provide a unique space for urban public gardening at the area of the Oberhafen. The production of food is sold at their...


ColumbusSubmitted by Furniture
Columbus open a center for art and innovation. It is part event space, part workshop, part retail, part kitchen, and part school. This adds...

Maker Agriculture

Maker WorldSubmitted by A_G
As the global cost of food rises steadily, citizens in suburbia will finally realize that lawns are a resource, as much a resource as mail delivery....

A Vision for Rome as a Maker City

Maker WorldSubmitted by Greg Richardson
Much of Rome's civic and digital infrastructure will be crowdsourced. Fiber optic and wireless networks will be financed and built based on...

Peerocrat Governance

Maker WorldSubmitted by Greg Richardson
Universal taxing systems like SPLOST will give way to self-organizing, voluntary crowdfunded initiatives for new parks, bike paths, arts and...

Columbus - With Trains!

ColumbusSubmitted by totally
Columbus is one of the largest cities in the United States with absolutely no light rail. This envisions a new design, centered on the Arena...

Sans Land 2

San FranciscoSubmitted by user1373303868
Sans land links up with Treasure Island and forms its own governance. People are talking about making a nation called Treasure Land.

VA Mobile Ready App Adds Citizen Response Rescue Mapping

Maker WorldSubmitted by j2hagan
Local code hackers propose to Governor Bob McDonnell to build-in a feature for a crowdsourced map of citizen volunteers into the current Mobile...

Downtown Remake #hometown

San JoseSubmitted by happytime
Downtown San Jose will be the new hotspot "it town" that will provide more jobs, productive things to do, and new restaurants that use local...

Public Bank

San FranciscoSubmitted by Neal Gorenflo
San Francisco banks tax revenues with a city owned bank. The bank loans to support local businesses and nonprofits. Interest earnings helps...

High Tech Revolution

TokyoSubmitted by Jaden
Tokyo Citizens started building flying cars and buses what Will fly to point A and to Point B! Makers made new mobile phones where you can vote...

Digital Learning & entrepreneurship for children's

Maker WorldSubmitted by Diego Parra
We ofter see in our street child's and young's working, sometimes selling and other performing an act for some coins. We would lie to see them...

Digital Exhibition, Invention & Testing

Maker WorldSubmitted by Diego Parra
Developing new products can be a challenging process, a very important part of it is simulation and user testing. What if we develop an easy...

Micro-renting your car in SyncroniCity

Los AngelesSubmitted by CrazyI
I imagine a ‘make’ experience where an autonomous vehicle drops you off at a restaurant and goes off and does its thing (parks, refuels, ferrys...

Road Trains

BaltimoreSubmitted by tedks
To retrofit manual-drive cars into the self-driving network, hackers install "train engines" into old-model cars. While not capable of full...

Greenest Transit in the world

Kansas CitySubmitted by JDOW-N
Kansas City finally implements a transit network to open access to citizens and visitors by building small local transit systems in dense neighborhoods...

Sidewalk/Crosswalk Communities

San FranciscoSubmitted by Krash63
Through interactive design, pop up spaces, awesome experiences create a sidewalk/crosswalk culture that combines the beauty of walking, the...

FreeTech City

Maker WorldSubmitted by alubrutaru
In a society based more and more on technology is absolutely necessary to have Free (as in free-speach) Technology, where all software and hardware...


Maker WorldSubmitted by user1390427652
Micro payments for Micro deliveries. Instead of a bike courier working for a company, they work for themselves and everyone is a courier if...

Self-Driving Share

Maker WorldSubmitted by Matthew Henry
With self-driving cars mainstream, neighbors will be able to share rides or borrow (think Get Around) cars.

Transportation - SOLVED.

PhoenixSubmitted by jackamofinane
In Phoenix road fatalities have been zero for the last five years, people don't remember what road rage is anymore and the autism near highways...


SingaporeSubmitted by Arkivist
With the very promising development of 3D printing technology and devices, making prototype will become a breeze. Imagine designing now is part...


PhoenixSubmitted by jackamofinane
Today the "Nobody" group announced that it had crossed the $100 Trillion mark on it's net worth and Bill Gates is said to have cried all day...

Responsive City Services

OaklandSubmitted by ebmlabs
City buildings incorporate sensors to determine most efficient & comfortable use of utilities. City forms are fillable online and accept electronic...

Food-Foraging Forest and The Garden Defenders

SeattleSubmitted by Lieukiss
The Beacon Hill Food Forest, a community-powered garden of over 1000 types of edible or fruit-bearing plants, sprouted into being in Seattle...


San FranciscoSubmitted by GREENplanner
My idea would be to lift Sidewalks. Instead of on the side, I think we should have moving walkways intercrossing the city, above the cars. They...

Laugh Future

TokyoSubmitted by gamemakeryuta
The law is enforced and people must make someone smile or laugh at least once per a day. People get money from city government for the times...

Health Money Law

TokyoSubmitted by gamemakeryuta
In 2025, people overcome all problems except health care.The law is enforced and people must make someone smile or laugh at least once per a...

3D printing festivals!

Borough of BronxSubmitted by CrazyI
Maybe there could be festivals where everybody 3D prints a small piece of a big machine at home, and the entire festival is about trying to...

Opt-in/Opt-out Micro-voting

TorontoSubmitted by BriannaSmrke
Instead of voting once every few years, citizens can subscribe to "vote lists" on specific issues or areas (environmental policy, policing etc)....

Completely Modular Public Transport

TorontoSubmitted by BriannaSmrke
IMAGINE: Above-ground public transit that can be easily rearranged. WHY? Planners make mistakes. Black swans can change the course of a city's...

Interactive advertising

San FranciscoSubmitted by Germinax
The ads on the bus stops are boring but what if they changed and gave live demos tailored to you while you wait for the bus? 1. You would start...

Self-run and empowered lanes

HyderabadSubmitted by Madhavi
We constantly complain about the government not taking care of the city and taxes being used up by the government for their own benefit and...

A Culture of Trust and Consent

San JoseSubmitted by RickyDub
Sexual assault in all its forms is a huge setback to any Maker City because communities that connect on a personal level require mutual trust...

Sustainable Populations

San JoseSubmitted by RickyDub
Rather than giving families tax breaks for every child they have, only provide this assistance for having children at all. Greater aid can be...

Makers meet in hotel to turn hotel into giant marketplace for hardware

San FranciscoSubmitted by CrazyI
Makers rent out the St. Regis hotel to hold a marketplace event- every room is rented, and every room is turned into an impromptu storefront...

Siembra Merced

Mexico CitySubmitted by Siembra Merced
SIEMBRA MERCED is a laboratory for experimentation in green technologies applied to urban agriculture , responsable waste management and climate...

Reality TV Maker storefronts

San JoseSubmitted by A_G
Local high school students operate a series of storefronts on Hamilton Ave in which they run startup-storefronts, testing their abilities to...

Freed Up

DetroitSubmitted by A_G
What if we could use our existing underused/unused spaces, and get volunteers to transform them into valuable resources (like artist spaces,...

No Polutants

HonoluluSubmitted by Dollin Tupere
Solar powered/renewable energy factories.

Special Needs Inclusion

San FranciscoSubmitted by CrazyI
What does a city look like that encourages, fosters, and supports persons with special needs into full inclusion in our communities? A community...

No Supermarkets

San FranciscoSubmitted by CrazyI
No supermarkets. Instead: community gardens + open workshops + recycling centers for repurposing/recycling. Inclusive classrooms for continuing...

Modular living + working space

OaklandSubmitted by CrazyI
Everyone who wants to can inexpensively build, modify, move (& use however they want) modular living and working spaces. City is a living structure,...

Mandated Staggered Work Schedules

TokyoSubmitted by Travis42
The government will mandate that all businesses of a threshold size (ex. 1000 or more employees) must operate around the clock and have at least...

Kinetic Energy

LondonSubmitted by Christopher Hannah
I'm not sure how exactly this will work, I have not done enough research into this field yet. But I have heard of kinetic energy. What if you...

mobile health info kisoks inside buses

IstanbulSubmitted by mtoomey
station healthcare volunteers on buses, give them a uniform and offer health information to commuters

Design Your Waste

Cape TownSubmitted by jljgr
In the future, each part of every appliance, each component part of every object you buy and own will have a designed destination- products...


BaltimoreSubmitted by basementhacker
The increased use of 3D printing technologies will exponentially increase the amount of waste plastic materials floating around as trash. These...

Design and Convenience

MiamiSubmitted by Anthony Delgado
Network will be required in highly urban dense populations. Transportation will be more convenient in the back roads.

food transparency

SydneySubmitted by susi
Driven by open source innovations in the maker movement, mass spectrometers are cheap and ubiquitous in 2025. Handheld spectrometers have helped...

Holographic/VR Learning Digital Classrooms

SydneySubmitted by Vincent
The future of education will be transformed and allow students to enter virtual reality classrooms from the comfort of their own homes! This...

Balmain Pinot Grigio wine network

SydneySubmitted by bigmoneymayka
A place for residents of this isolated bubble of green voting white guilt to share medium price bracket white wine

Accessible Education - Mobile Apps

SydneySubmitted by Hugh Potter
University courses available through immersive mobile apps. Real time lessons, augmented or virtual reality examples, field work with visuals,...

From Wearables to Integrated

Maker WorldSubmitted by Greg Richardson
Health clinics and hospitals will teach classes on "responsible body hacking." Tattoo parlors will evolve into places where people can learn...


Maker WorldSubmitted by Greg Richardson
Hackschools will be available for parents to provide a new experiential, hands-on learning environment for their children (e.g. Logan LaPlante)....


Kansas CitySubmitted by Applesauce
gigabit speed meshnets are set up all over Kansas City

Maker Class

Maker WorldSubmitted by CrazyI
In the future, people learn by doing. Maker class is quite similar to shop class, except that maker class also provides students a lens for...

Abundant, Crowdsourced Infrastructure

Maker WorldSubmitted by Greg Richardson
Much of Rome's civic and digital infrastructure will be crowdsourced. Fiber optic and wireless networks will be financed and built based on...

From Spaces to Villages to Cities

Maker WorldSubmitted by Greg Richardson
Maker culture will have moved from a single makerspace to entire maker villages and neighborhoods. Every neighborhood and business park/district...

Maker Industries

Maker WorldSubmitted by Greg Richardson
Maker culture will have moved from a single makerspace to entire maker villages and neighborhoods. Every neighborhood and business park/district...

Futurum Impotens

Oklahoma CitySubmitted by apisgirl
It's 2025 and Norman Oklahoma is now what SF was in the 70's. A mecca of culture and creativity, all of the artists started to move to the region...

East West Maker City

PortlandSubmitted by Lindsea
Enjoying a cultural renaissance, Honolulu becomes the Maker City that joins together Eastern and Western aesthetics, philosophies and lifestyles....


Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Die Neustadtpiraten bekennen sich grundsätzlich zu den Zielen des Masterplans Hafencity mit Wohnbebauung, Büros, Erhalt des Alten Schlachthofs,...

Hafencity und Pieschenpark

Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Die Neustadtpiraten bekennen sich grundsätzlich zu den Zielen des Masterplans Hafencity mit Wohnbebauung, Büros, Erhalt des Alten Schlachthofs,...


Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Die Stadt soll aktiv private Wächterhäuserprojekte logistisch und finanziell unterstützen. Insbesondere soll aber auch städtischer Leerstand...

Bunte Republik Neustadt (BRN)

Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Die Neustadtpiraten bekennen sich zur BRN und wissen um die besondere Bedeutung dieses Stadtteilfestes für die Äußere Neustadt. Wir legen Wert...


Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Spielplätze sind wichtig und müssen in gepflegtem Zustand gehalten werden. Dabei setzen wir auf Anwohnerinitiative und Alternativangebote für...

Westerweiterung Alaunplatz

Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Wir fordern eine zügige Westerweiterung des Alaunplatzes in Richtung “Russensportplatz”. Hierbei ist die Schaffung von Sport- und Freizeitangeboten...

Umrüstung der Mülleimer

Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Wir setzen uns für eine Umrüstung der Mülleimer in der Dresdner Neustadt und im Hechtviertel zu “pfandfreundlichen Mülleimern” ein.

Müääproblematik Alaunpark

Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Wir fordern dem Problem “Müll auf dem Alaunplatz” nicht mit Strafen und Kontrollen, sondern mit mehr und geeigneten Papierkörben, öfterer Leerung,...


Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Um den Parkdruck im Ortsamtsbereich Dresden Neustadt zu verringern sollen Parkhäuser an der Peripherie geschaffen werden. Innerhalb der Wohnquartiere...

Verkehrsberuhigung durch Fahrradstraßen

Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Wir fordern die Umwandlung der Alaunstraße, Louisenstraße, Prießnitzstraße, Martin-Luther-Straße, Hechtstraße von Bischofsplatz bis Ecke Buchenstraße,...

Verkehrsberuhigung durch verkehrsberuhigte Bereiche

Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Wir fordern die Umwandlung der Timäus- und Talstraße sowie der Alaunstraße (zwischen Katharinen- und Louisenstraße) zu verkehrsberuhigten Bereichen.

S-Bahn-Haltepunkt Bischofsplatz.

Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Wir unterstützen die Umgestaltung des Bischofplatzes und den geplanten Neubau eines S-Bahn-Haltepunktes Bischofsplatz. Wir sind gegen einen...

DVB-Hochhaus am Albertplatz.

Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Wir sind für den Erhalt des DVB-Hochhauses am Albertplatz. Um die Sanierung des DVB-Hochhauses zu sichern, akzeptieren wir die Ansiedlung eines...

Quartier Jägerpark

Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Wir fordern eine Integration des Gebiets Jägerpark in die städtischen Entwicklungskonzepte.


Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Wir forden die Einrichtung von Quartierbussen, die die Stadtteile Äußere Neustadt, Hechtviertel, Preußisches Viertel und das Gebiet um den Jägerpark...

Ortsbeiräte zu Ortsräten!

Maker WorldSubmitted by user1379382690
Die Neustadtpiraten arbeiten darauf hin, Ortsbeiräten ein besseres Antrags- und Vetorecht bei Stadtratsentscheidungen zu geben. Notwendig sind...

Magneticor Pressure Freight Shipping Tubes

Maker WorldSubmitted by Steve-O
We often hear about a proposed transcontinental/interstate oil pipeline but what about shipping pipes? Starting out of Los Angles, these tubes...

Re-making the old Bay Bridge

OaklandSubmitted by Daniel_Katz
Alameda County residents banded crowd-sourced funds to purchase the East Span of the old Bay Bridge. The top level is converted into a public...


San FranciscoSubmitted by makerme
Burlingame, like most American cities (with a global perspective) is built on a bunch of isolated private houses. Burlingame 2025 would have...

Small Town Economies #Hometown

Maker WorldSubmitted by M 88
This town is part tourist/part wine country/part local small town/part bohemian. Many try to make the town vibrant by opening wine bars or...

participatory art installations in Golden Gate park #hometown

San FranciscoSubmitted by bradganistan
Pop up and participatory art installations move from being ad hoc to common and encouraged throughout Golden Gate park and other park areas...

Cowboys Herd in Healthy, Sustainable Food

Fort WorthSubmitted by Rebecca Chesney
In the future, America's cattle capital will sustainably be able to feed its residents healthy, organic, grass-fed beef. Cowboys use their herding,...

Birmingham saves Football #hometown

Maker WorldSubmitted by dunagan23
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) rocked the NFL and football at all levels--leading to massive lawsuit payouts and a 50% reduction in...

More Alternative Housing #hometown

San JoseSubmitted by MJohnson
Makers address the increasing homeless population and find new ways to fund and build sustainable housing

Transparent Participatory Governance

Maker WorldSubmitted by mgorbis
in 2025, Odessa becomes a pioneer in introducing a new governance system where people use participatory platforms to review, discuss, and vote...

Oakland Co-Creates its Identity

OaklandSubmitted by BH1981
In 2025, Oakland opens up all its iconography—city logo, stationary, all official uniforms (police, fire, etc), etc—and allows any Oakland resident...

Rural Coders #hometown

Maker WorldSubmitted by Rachelkeas
Rural Coders!: By 2025, the Redding community will be 12 years into a cohort of kids & adults who have learned coding skills (2013-2025)....

Flood Plain #Hometown

Maker WorldSubmitted by M 88
This town is the last on the Russian River that regularly floods. The Army Corp of Engineers have chased the problem river long to this 4 mile...

High School Learning Modules #hometown

BostonSubmitted by Future-Facing
Brookline will capitalize on its rich historical past as well as its proximity to world class medical facilities and research centers to enrich...

Toxic Free Future

Maker WorldSubmitted by futrmyr
Makers clean up their neighborhoods, using shells, mushrooms, safe biohacked microbes to clean up superfund sites that riddle Silicon Valley....

Urban Farming

Maker WorldSubmitted by CrazyI
In the future, we'll have figured out large-scale cost-effective urban hydroponics. Makers will be responsible for setting up and maintaining...

No Property Left Behind

Maker WorldSubmitted by Fenry Hord
Detroit is in the last stages of dealing with its currently overwhelming vacancy and blight problem. A decade ago systems were put in place...

Metro system

DetroitSubmitted by bilal
I want to see Michigan Central Station: turn into a center point and hub for a subway/metro...

Mobile Maker Lab

Maker WorldSubmitted by makerman
The mobile maker lab travels through underserved communities in the Central Valley that do not have access to maker labs or techshops. They...

Heat, Housing, & Networks For Alaskan Makers

Maker WorldSubmitted by Fenry Hord
In the past Alaska was known for its rugged, pristine, freezing beauty, but not so much for its makerdom. Over the last 10 years that's changed...

Open Maker Science Workshop

ColumbusSubmitted by Furniture
COSI opens up a maker workshop to the public. Anyone can prototype their ideas and experiment with science. The museum has an entire exhibition...

knowledge above all

Maker WorldSubmitted by spicygdizzle
a small under ground society were knowledge is coveted above all else

Fab labs at schools

KievSubmitted by Kirill
Every school will have own Fab Lab

Changing the Tides of Misfortune

Maker WorldSubmitted by Aaron Galassi
Bearing a lot of the brunt of the recession Rockford is making strides toward an innovative future where city taxation is used more effectively,...

Traffic Free Highways

ManilaSubmitted by jabm
The main means of public transportation will be high-speed, high capacity subways; public transportation like buses will be diminished by 80%....

City Farm

Maker WorldSubmitted by Wesley630
Each city should have farms providing them with the resources in the area (minnesota Corn, Cattle, Chickens, Ext;) that are sustainable in that...

Mexico City- Number one Maker City in the World

Maker WorldSubmitted by Patricio Buenrostro-Gilhuys
Mexico City combines one of the largest city populations in the world with creativity, innovation and a historical tradition of resourcefulness...

Hitech AppSolutions

Maker WorldSubmitted by Diego Parra
Our city has plenty of professionals in many areas, but not enough jobs for them. A Hitech development center working together with a new research...

Smart Alarms in the SyncroniCity!!

Maker WorldSubmitted by CrazyI
Sensors pick up your daily routine and know your schedule, alarm clocks autonomously reset your wake time depending on your schedule, traffic...

Share a ride (SyncroniCity)

Maker WorldSubmitted by CrazyI
Algorithms know your route to work and allow you to pick up neighbors who are headed in the same direction as a coordinated casual carpool....

Hub of Innovation

Maker WorldSubmitted by Matthew Henry
Longview will be the hub of a growing city combining all sorts innovation and a seamless education through doctoral programs to provide access...

SyncroniCity: Fluid traffic flows using smartgrids

TokyoSubmitted by CrazyI
Traffic sensors and algorithms work seamlessly to automate the flow of traffic so there are no jams. 'Hot spot' areas are targeted to release...


Maker WorldSubmitted by glims
Oysters improve aquatic environments, reducing toxins and increasing marine life density. Seeding of native oyster species to work as bio-filters...

Makerworks energy

Maker WorldSubmitted by
Pass a City ordinance requiring new Synchronicity residential construction in the city to design houses and apartments with south facing, uncluttered...

Makerworks energy

Maker WorldSubmitted by
Pass a City ordinance requiring new Synchronicity residential construction in the city to design houses and apartments with south facing, uncluttered...

Cambridge Tram Network

Maker WorldSubmitted by mcsorg
A tram network for Cambridge that not just replaces bus routes but massively improves transportation for people around the city. It would do...

Lose weight while charging your world

Maker WorldSubmitted by JDOW-N
A device originates from Kansas City Startup Village that converts caloric energy in our bodies to electricity to charge our devices. A secondary...

Maker Addressing

Maker WorldSubmitted by Captain Maker
what if we didn't have a standard addressing system, and Maker Cities came up with their own?

Upper Valley Maker Space

Maker WorldSubmitted by LongArc
Local artisans joining together to create a space where ideas flourish. WRJ would become the SynchronCity for the entire Upper valley.

The Digital Classroom

Maker WorldSubmitted by BekBlayton
An Education Hub! Where children are connected to educators from around the world. Teachers are available. But curriculum and content are guided...

Reclaiming Rush Hour(s)

Maker WorldSubmitted by Sherri
In the near future, traffic sensors measure and predict the flow of the Bay Area's nearly continuous rush hour. Google maps now multiplies...

Maker Universities

Maker WorldSubmitted by Matthew Henry
Continued pressure to fill the "skills gap" along with massive amounts of endless information, Maker Universities will provide life-long learning...

Micro Healthcare

AnaheimSubmitted by Dekkarius
Healthcare costs are higher than ever. Many people who buy their own healthcare must use catastrophic plans that offer them no coverage for...

Magnetic Implantation Studio

Los AngelesSubmitted by Dekkarius
Utilizing the existing skill set of body piercing specialists, more adventurous people can have tiny magnets placed just below the skin under...


PortlandSubmitted by FilipBeijing
We all have different skills but lack real life platforms to meet and share, channels of communication to connect the dots while we have many...

The Inventor's House

Maker WorldSubmitted by Sabas
Espacio que integra personas que puedan compartir y/o colaborar en trabajo y conocimiento que a través la cultura de innovación, puedan generar...

Smart Future

IstanbulSubmitted by engin comakci

Houselets: micro live/work units

San JoseSubmitted by tmccormick
Affordable housing is a top issue for San Francisco and the region. The city is considered among the most difficult & expensive places in the...

Sidewalk Backbone

St. LouisSubmitted by iTrey98
Something that would make future neighborhood much more friendly and healthy would be an improved pedestrian system. This future "sidewalk"...

Living Large (and up)

St. LouisSubmitted by iTrey98
I think future neighborhoods will be in the form of massive skyscrapers. Not like an apartment as those almost are always just living spaces....


BostonSubmitted by Bill McKenna
Who watches the watchmakers? There was a time when I thought it was odd that a city once known for its production of watches would have a clock...

Reverse History Outro

BostonSubmitted by Bill McKenna
OK all bodies on board, keep those retroflectors in tact, next wave of submission in under 5, 1:21 & no edits, ride the roll. Test out that...

6.4 Fickle Bits

BostonSubmitted by Bill McKenna
What is a bitfic? It's a ficture of speech, sort of an act, an act of sorting. It's playing, displaying. ID, no ID? ID. Energy invested in course...

Self-healing sensor grids

LondonSubmitted by CrazyI
printing sensors + delivery = heal sensor grid. Salvage broke sensors for parts. No way city gov keeps grid functioning alone. #makercities

Collaborative Corridor

Cape TownSubmitted by Phillip Cohen
One road (Landsdowne Road) runs from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean and splits the Cape Peninsula in two. This road forms a corridor...

Automatic Interpreter

San JoseSubmitted by RickyDub
In a flourishing Synchronicity, communication is key. However, one of the persistent problems for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities of...

Smart Grid Power

SantiagoSubmitted by Ricardo
The whole power grid will be Smart. Anyone will be able to do both; create and consume power, not only at their households, but through their...

Emerson Park Maker Market

San JoseSubmitted by A_G
Every Thursday evening, Makers from around Palo Alto gather to discuss and showcase their projects. Local businesses offer micro-challenges...

Bayless, TX

HoustonSubmitted by Cguy89
Small, not to large, about the size as Alvin,TX.

Xperience- an all-inclusive hackerspace

OaklandSubmitted by A_G
Most hacker spaces have specific focuses- biotech, cleantech, etc. Xperience would be an all-inclusive hacker space that attempts to connect...

Neighborhood Bike Shacks!

ManhattanSubmitted by A_G
Much of NYC is bike accessible, but there is a huge deficit of bike parking. If you just park on the street, your bike might be stolen or at...

One Road

BostonSubmitted by A_G
A maker city from the ground up- leverage light rail to create a liveable city that can be transversed via bike, car, walking, or light rail....

Figment - Radically Accessible Art

BostonSubmitted by A_G
Figment, a festival, empowers makers through creative inspiration and a forum for public appreciation of amateur-created art. We use city parks...

Vacant buildings become galleries and maker spaces!

BostonSubmitted by A_G
Working with underused/ vacant buildings, cities should give access to makers and artists to create public galleries. Occupying the space in...

Community Walls

SeattleSubmitted by wombats!wombats!
One element of a city that could be positive is making big outdoor walls each of which has a specific purpose. one could be a physical forum...

An Idea from LK

SeattleSubmitted by wombats!wombats!
This Idea comes from LK of Seattle, I didn't realize this came from him until after I posted the last one so this is my effort to pay him due...

Zero-Point Energy Mandate San Francisco

San FranciscoSubmitted by TheOncomingStorm
Zero-point or vacuum energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have. It exists everywhere in the universe,...

London 22c

LondonSubmitted by Nick
A thought experiment

Open-Source Vehicle High School

DetroitSubmitted by Air Maker
Fordson High School in 2025 becomes a maker-highschool that specializes in on prototyping new types of cars and open-source car designs. Once...

Networked classrooms

IstanbulSubmitted by ezgrzywa
Networked classrooms allowing to connect students with the latest technologies and sources of expertise. Practical learning in classrooms via...

Commutable Dhaka

DhakaSubmitted by Peter
rethink transport to enable easy access to employment opportunities-and move out of temp slums

Influencing public transit policy real time

SingaporeSubmitted by Arndt
Citizens can connect their smart devices (phone no longer exist) to a grid that registers behaviours and produces adjustments to public service...

Transit MakerFaire to prepare for the new tunnel

IstanbulSubmitted by mtoomey
The new tunnel is coming - it will change traffic patterns - organize an event to propose ideas for how to leverage this improvement for the...

Cinco Ranch

HoustonSubmitted by noclue
Big neighborhood thing??? could be a city if it tried. maybe

CATS (Centre for Autonomous Secuity)

LondonSubmitted by comannnnndooooo
A Central command hub for the London CCTV Camera network that also features a done bay for tracking persons of interest where CCTV coverage...

Réhabilitation des berges du Saint-Laurent

MontrealSubmitted by Benjamin Bond
Transformer les berges du Saint-Laurent à l'est du Pont Jacques-Cartier en un parc linéaire, pour faire profiter les habitants des quartiers...

Tram instead of buses

Sao PauloSubmitted by bmontuori
The purpose of this idea is to exchange the use of buses in the core of São Paulo to sustainable trams, such as those in San Francisco/ California,...

Extensão do bonde de Santa Teresa para toda a Orla da cidade do Rio

Rio de JaneiroSubmitted by bmontuori
Uma das coisas que o carioca que frequenta as praias da cidade do Rio de Janeiro sofre é a poluição gerada pelos ônibus e carros nas grandes...

On-demand valet parking

San FranciscoSubmitted by
Imagine a parking spot always out front of where you want to be. We pick up your car, store it off-street, and return it wherever you want....

A New Dhaka

DhakaSubmitted by Affan Khan
No more slums, create community centers parks and palaces for families to live rather than crowded houses.

Electricity of Detroit

DetroitSubmitted by Gianmaria
Assumed that “The Infrastructure” is the power unit of the American city, the “sine-qua-non” condition, as one of the former leading city shrinks...

The Active Citizen

RiyadhSubmitted by Jumana
Riyadh will become more walk-able, Gyms are more accessible and more funding should be put on the improvement of recreational parks

Power for the people.

PhoenixSubmitted by Venep1967
Due to the high temperatures during the summer months, which correspond to high electrical utility load during the same time frame, SRP and...

Green Gutters

BaltimoreSubmitted by basementhacker
The runoff into the bay is a major problem for the health of wildlife and humans. A green gutter, which slows and filters runoff water, provides...

Future maker fund

City of LondonSubmitted by wildwoman
A fund for artists, designers and makers to buy them time to realise a vision they have about the future.

Learning through gaming

AnaheimSubmitted by A5let
your daily lessons would be having a tutorial on how to play an then you would have to play the game and submit your solution

Equal City

Kansas CitySubmitted by Pen134
Everything is Equal

3D Printing Libraries

BaltimoreSubmitted by basementhacker
Libraries are already places of learning and collaboration. Adding 3D printing abilities to such a space seems obvious. In a system similar...


RomeSubmitted by romen
rome 2.0

Communication swarm

Mexico CitySubmitted by Guillermo Elizondo
Our community is very used to the traditional teaching lessons; we all know how old the system is getting for our new global challenges and...

Um futuro novo para todos!

Sao PauloSubmitted by Erikonastico
Primeiramente, vou falar da infraestrutura. As construções seriam todas seguras, pois teríamos uma liga que seria mais forte que o aço. As construções...


WichitaSubmitted by Lulu
Imagine taking a stroll through the nature center, wearing your favorite pair of sun glasses. Suddenly, you spot a turtle and you are served...


DelhiSubmitted by Astol
Hello ! Its G.NIDA its my future city it is a planned city under my rule. It is a young and growing city . plz support and come to my country...

Youth-Driven Learning Party

DenverSubmitted by sbberk
Youth elect teachers to teach them (and have voice in hiring decisions), serve on a city-wide youth school board, nominate businesses and community...

Open Makerspaces

San JoseSubmitted by Robert Pronovost
In 2025, East Palo Alto will include community makerspaces, free to all, where anyone can come in to invent and gain skills that will help them...


SeattleSubmitted by Cella helene


ChicagoSubmitted by Dashdeath20042
The future is built here.

Smart city

AhmadabadSubmitted by Jyoti
The Smart Cities Mission of the Government is a bold, new initiative.It is meant to set examples that can be replicated both within and outside...

Ankaranın Bağları

AnkaraSubmitted by kerem


TokyoSubmitted by orionkeely
i love tokio

Representative Direct Democracy

SydneySubmitted by montyme
Transparent, Representative for of direct democracy

Lake bluff

ChicagoSubmitted by Gedsharp
oh my god

Meme town

AtlantaSubmitted by Senor Spicey
Memes rule

delta media tower

JakartaSubmitted by DIMAS
mirip sri pentas

Mumbai Learning!

MumbaiSubmitted by Air Maker
Indian Maker Learning

Maker Greenland

Maker WorldSubmitted by Testingtester
Greenland will be soo maker in 2025 in the face of climate change.

Urban agriculture

BaltimoreSubmitted by tfunklives
Cities were traditionally self reliant. Commodities that the general public could afford had to come from in or near the city center. And...

Automated Personal Public Transportation

Los AngelesSubmitted by A_G
In the future, autoamted public transportation will help solve the last mile, and make transportation viable in not-dense 'cities'. Here, makers...

Mixed Income Housing

BangkokSubmitted by Ramya Gopalan
Have communities of mixed levels of incomes in a common housing block with progressive rents so they cross subsidise.

Urban food cooperatives operating in city's districts

IstanbulSubmitted by ezgrzywa
Urban food cooperatives will supply citizens with fresh produce.

Expanded metro line

IstanbulSubmitted by Armada
expanded metro line


IstanbulSubmitted by margunn
Your watch monitors your health, location and movement and allows you to access basic services based on tailored/individually designed service...


IstanbulSubmitted by ariel
Super fun sustainable resilient city with full capacity and free beers for the first 50 who show up

Pedestrian Moscow

MoscowSubmitted by Saara Nikkinen
Improved pedestrian system, especially the Red Square-Kitai Gorad-Tverskaya area, and no just on the side of the existing highways, but a solution...

Ciclovia na Ponte Rio-Niterói

Rio de JaneiroSubmitted by bmontuori
Esta ideia é para a construção de uma ciclovia na ponte Rio-Niterói (Presidente Costa e Silva). Niterói tem muitos ciclistas e vive reivindicando...

A New Hyderabad

HyderabadSubmitted by Affan Khan
Hyderabad is a massive city in the Deccan Region of India that desperately needs a proper system of infrastructure and utilities for all people...

Maker Network

Cape TownSubmitted by makerlibrary
The center of what is becoming known as Silicon Cape. Cape Town Lies at the foothills of the iconic Table Mountain and looks out on Table Bay...

City Circles

BaltimoreSubmitted by basementhacker
Baltimore has a large problem with housing - most of it is unused, rotting and abandoned. The abandoned buildings pose fire risks and are structurally...


LanzhouSubmitted by Quenton Elijah Sample-French Fry
war war war


ChicagoSubmitted by Dashdeath20042
Housing lives here


LondonSubmitted by steve

American Magic-Powered City

HoustonSubmitted by
This is a Engineering + Magic City, where this city uses lots of power by making gigantic power sources, windmills, and power lines, and even...

Bronxville city

Borough of BronxSubmitted by Christian ortiz
This city was the first borough constructed by the workers since gangs took over

Phone Data Exchange

SydneySubmitted by Vincent
Mobile users will be allowed to exchange phone data, irrespective of mobile plans or services, via SMS and be used as an easy way to share data...

Los Santos

New York CitySubmitted by James
Neighborhood with many modes of transportation and great education.


Quezon CitySubmitted by elijah

East-West Art Capitol

Maker WorldSubmitted by Lindsea
Enjoying a cultural renaissance, Honolulu becomes the Maker City that joins together Eastern and Western aesthetics, philosophies and lifestyle....

25 Future

Maker WorldSubmitted by cujomatty
Best City

Swimming with Dolphins!

Maker WorldSubmitted by CrazyI
Located here.

Urban agriculture

BaltimoreSubmitted by tfunklives
Cities were traditionally self reliant. Commodities that the general public could afford had to come from in or near the city center. And...

Urban agriculture

BaltimoreSubmitted by tfunklives
Cities were traditionally self reliant. Commodities that the general public could afford had to come from in or near the city center. And...

Urban agriculture

BaltimoreSubmitted by tfunklives
Cities were traditionally self reliant. Commodities that the general public could afford had to come from in or near the city center. And...

Urban agriculture

BaltimoreSubmitted by tfunklives
Cities were traditionally self reliant. Commodities that the general public could afford had to come from in or near the city center. And...

Urban agriculture

BaltimoreSubmitted by tfunklives
Cities were traditionally self reliant. Commodities that the general public could afford had to come from in or near the city center. And...

Urban agriculture

BaltimoreSubmitted by tfunklives
Cities were traditionally self reliant. Commodities that the general public could afford had to come from in or near the city center. And...

Urban agriculture

BaltimoreSubmitted by tfunklives
Cities were traditionally self reliant. Commodities that the general public could afford had to come from in or near the city center. And...

Urban agriculture

BaltimoreSubmitted by tfunklives
Cities were traditionally self reliant. Commodities that the general public could afford had to come from in or near the city center. And...

Automated Personal Public Transportation

Los AngelesSubmitted by A_G
In the future, autoamted public transportation will help solve the last mile, and make transportation viable in not-dense 'cities'. Here, makers...

to infinity

PortlandSubmitted by hello
ummmmmm... lets see how we do in this


PortlandSubmitted by hello


PortlandSubmitted by zachery
best place on earth

Commutable Dhaka

DhakaSubmitted by Peter
rethink transport to enable easy access to employment opportunities-and move out of temp slums

Government services delivered rapidly on the city's streets via mobile "food trucks"

IstanbulSubmitted by ezgrzywa
Government services delivered rapidly on the city's streets via mobile "food trucks"

Less traffic

IstanbulSubmitted by Armada
Less traffic

South County Public School

PortlandSubmitted by Paulo Tugonon
It's a school with thousands of students in it. Only Nursery to College.

Caxas 2020 Commonwhelt office

Quezon CitySubmitted by /FoxCanada329
welcome! the first avenue office! of Caxsas road group!


TaipeiSubmitted by best219302

helpers for the community

DallasSubmitted by fanff1
Everyone has an app, so when someone needs a ride the app sends a message to nearby people with the app so they can give him a ride. If someone...

Saving the world with food

DallasSubmitted by fanff1
There will be food chips. Not chips as in Lays chips. But something like a computer chip, their will be different flavored chips, like steak...

Solar Roadways, Parking lots and sidewalks

AustinSubmitted by Torpek
Austin is rapidly growing, tech driven city. The improvement I am proposing isn't a new technology, it's actually been in the works for a number...


MilwaukeeSubmitted by Jacob
A p;asd


New York CitySubmitted by David

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

DelhiSubmitted by Astol
New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) . It is the best place for you to buy land in cheap . Cheaper than Gurgaon. You can also...


ChicagoSubmitted by Dashdeath20042
Hospital is here


ChicagoSubmitted by Dashdeath20042
We work to make the future

Minecraft city

HoustonSubmitted by Janro
I use it as a Minecraft city.

Ankaranın Bağları

AnkaraSubmitted by kerem

Mabuhay Metrodistrict

Quezon CitySubmitted by CityMakerPhil
This city had improved the industries, government, residences, healthcare and learning.

American Magic-Powered City

HoustonSubmitted by
This is a Engineering + Magic City, where this city uses lots of power by making gigantic power sources, windmills, and power lines, and even...


Washington D. C.Submitted by OmegaShooter
A future, focused on create a perfect and futuristic land.

Free Energy

SydneySubmitted by BradHali
Design new free energy sources.


ClevelandSubmitted by logs


Quezon CitySubmitted by elijah


Quezon CitySubmitted by elijah


ManilaSubmitted by elijah


ManilaSubmitted by elijah


JakartaSubmitted by elijah


Hong KongSubmitted by elijah


ManilaSubmitted by elijah

Create Community Makerspaces Every 2 to 5 Miles

AnaheimSubmitted by Rob Perhamus
Provide Space, Equipment, Training, Materials for local people to design and make almost anything.

seville future

Hong KongSubmitted by Huachachi
my future in seville

future new york

New York CitySubmitted by Huachachi


CharlotteSubmitted by abdy
Better public transport


ColumbusSubmitted by plane in the air
fun just fun

sri pentas indonesia

JakartaSubmitted by DIMAS
ri Pentas adalah gedung pusat penyiaran stasiun televisi dan stasiun radio yang dimiliki oleh Media Prima Berhad, yaitu TV3, ntv7, 8TV, TV9,...


Mexico CitySubmitted by SunnyDaze
Huh, so i made this.


SacramentoSubmitted by SunnyDaze


TokyoSubmitted by SunnyDaze
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