Cambridge Tram Network

Maker World - Submitted by mcsorg on Jan 22 2014

A tram network for Cambridge that not just replaces bus routes but massively improves transportation for people around the city. It would do this by not just becoming the prime source of transport around the city - replacing the car - but by reaching out to places which currently are not well-served.

Trams would not only be clean but they'd be fast, run on time, be affordable and would massively improve efficiency in Cambridge by enabling people to get from A to B quickly unlike at present. They would complement the bicycle.

The network would extend to all the business and science parks dotted around Cambridge, uniting them making interaction, co-operation, co-creation and innovation much easier. These parks, whilst serving a useful purpose, are currently sterile and unappealing. By linking them up and with the city centre, Cambridge would become a hive of efficiency and cooperation.

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Cambridge Tram Network

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Cambridge Cynic
Jan 24 2014
5:28 PM
Bikes & trams don't mix: