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Maker World - Submitted by alubrutaru on Jan 22 2014

In a society based more and more on technology is absolutely necessary to have Free (as in free-speach) Technology, where all software and hardware if free to develope and experiment on + respects people's privacy and freedom.

NOW it's your turn...

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How would you expand or adapt this future in 2025?
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Stakeholders( 1 )
Who would you need to bring together to make this future happen?
Jan 22 2014
8:41 PM
I think we have to make some educational workshops in high-schools so that students understand what free software can do to help society.
Logistics( 1 )
What resources would you need to mobilize to make this future real?
Jan 22 2014
8:43 PM
We absolutely need a focused program, an identity and a schedule to go around schools. Also, after seeding this idea, we need to do some hackatons to make it happen.
Roadblocks( 1 )
What could get in the way of this future?
Jan 22 2014
8:40 PM
How can we make sure that the brain power will be dedicated to this awesome future? Make sure that they won't leave.