Reclaiming Rush Hour(s)

Maker World - Submitted by Sherri on Jan 23 2014

In the near future, traffic sensors measure and predict the flow of the Bay Area's nearly continuous rush hour. Google maps now multiplies your commute time by a factor of 5 in high traffic. In 2025, the City of Oakland can take the time you might spend stuck in a jam and help you make it productive to you and the community.

The city (or your community) can combine traffic data, your commute patterns, and your interests to proactively suggest a variety of things happening within walking distance, that you might choose to do, rather than sitting in the line on the freeway, or a crowded train.

You might discover a new artist or musician, dine at a new restaurant, or find a like-minded group with a passion for saving wetland wildlife. You have an incentive to delay your commute, and do your part to improve traffic. You are also connected to more people and things to do in Oakland, improving your relationship with the city in which you spend so much of your time.

NOW it's your turn...

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