Transparent City

Maker World - Submitted by alubrutaru on Jan 23 2014

Absolutely all data from the state institutions to be publicly available in detail and very easy accessible (both for research and in understanding).
Examples: city development and changes, who decided/voted what and when, contracts, expenditures, what services and equipments are available in all institutions, statistics etc.
Free, non-stop online access.
The use of visualization software and infographics for the best data understanding experience.

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How would you expand or adapt this future in 2025?
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Stakeholders( 2 )
Who would you need to bring together to make this future happen?
Jan 25 2014
4:23 AM
Local artists to design and embellish visual representations for public consumption, both digital and (permanently?) installed in public spaces.
Jan 26 2014
11:41 PM
Wikipedia spins off another major site to house this new set of highly valuable information. Along with this information becoming hyper available and transparent. "Watchdog / Whistle blower" organizations start flagging companies, peoples and organizations that are spreading miss information. A general culture of hostility starts growing towards anyone that is caught willfully exploiting populations for profit. It becomes trendy for the coolest and smartest major corporations to declare their product inferior to a competitor and to discontinue their product. In one highly covered case. Microsoft discontinued it's Explorer product and endorsed FireFox as a superior product... Microsoft stock at first tanked and then skyrocketed as investors started understanding that the company would stop spending trillions of dollars in miss-information efforts and damage control and would instead focus on it's strengths. In a bizarre twist FireFox which had at that time achieved domination of the market decided to start extracting exorbitant profits from it's new monopoly position but this information quickly came out and FireFox was forced to discontinue it's efforts and in-fact ended up selling it's entire platform organization and talent base to the re-born new more citizen minded Microsoft.
Logistics( 2 )
What resources would you need to mobilize to make this future real?
Jan 23 2014
10:31 PM
Libraries are community hubs for accessing and understanding this newly available information.
Jan 29 2014
5:52 PM
Schools and teachers : to educate people about the technicalities and mechanisms of governance so that people aren't just informed, they are also capable of reading, understanding and processing the information
Roadblocks( 2 )
What could get in the way of this future?
Jan 25 2014
4:22 AM
Local governance only has data dumps from reports which is probably very non-standardized. Processing of historical data will be nuanced and arduous. It will take time before actionable information is available.
Jan 29 2014
5:34 PM
Corruption is a major roadblock. Making information widely public and accessible, means more people are able to identify the route of money.