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Phoenix - Submitted by jackamofinane on Jan 24 2014

In Phoenix road fatalities have been zero for the last five years, people don't remember what road rage is anymore and the autism near highways statistic does not apply. Why? Because even though this city is the definition of urban sprawl we don't drive anymore. Our biggest challenge was getting the transport wait time down to less than 1 minute.. we have very demanding citizenry.. when they want to go somewhere they do not want to wait. Today the average wait time is 36.945 seconds. So lets say you live in North Phoenix and you want to have dinner in Mesa or wherever? (One unanticipated consequence of this is that people really don't care where things are anymore, getting there is so painless that nobody cares if it's down town or on south mountain... this is really messing with the old "prime" real-estate barons) Anyway back to the scenario, if you want to have dinner in Mesa just whip out your phone, find your destination, Tap the little "Let's Go" icon and start walking to your curb. By the time you get there a Pod Car will be waiting for you.. now you might want to put away that illegal new synthetic drug because you are on camera baby.. but don't sweat it, just don't vandalize the pod and rest assured those videos are wiped after 30 days. Settle into your comfy pod seats, take a nap, jam out to some tunes, or catch up on your cyber connections.. maybe you can research obsolete trivia of the past like "Seat belts". they are not needed in Phoenix because collisions just don't happen. Now don't panic, just because your pod is only moving a 10 miles per hour now does not mean you will be late for dinner.. and that pod that looks like it's on a collision course with your pod?.. don't sweat that either.. the computer knows it will miss you by 4.6 millimeters.. Now the little bump you just felt (we are working on that) was your pod leaving your local neighborhood and engaging into the hyper bahn suspended rail system (think amusement ride!)... from this point on your pod will smoothly accelerate to a maximum of 280 kilometers per hour... once in a while you may feel a slight jiggle as the pod switches tracks but under no circumstances should you be worried about all those other pods that are merging and disengaging around you, you will arrive at your destination in exactly 8 minutes and 13 seconds. Now, step on out my friend, curb side vale service, enjoy your meal... don't stay out too late though... tomorrow you have to go to your day job for the highway land reclamation department.. you see the hyper bahn is a network of suspended rails raised off the ground a ways... that leaves all of the old highways un-used except for the one mini service lane that is kept see even freight travels over the hyper bahn, no drivers required and package deliveries are the same.. the whole system is electric so gas stations don't exist anymore.. nor do parking lots for that matter, whenever the system needs to "park" pods they get crammed into underground storage lots where they are stacked 50 high. Back to the highways though.... sometimes I think us having all the urban sprawl in the early years was perfect.. because now we have this amazing network of greenways that connect the whole city.. there is so much beauty everywhere now. Phoenix Rocks!!!

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Jan 26 2014
10:02 PM
The first challenge is getting support for the vision.. It's such an ambitious goal that first people have to "see it".. I think once people truly "see" it people will wonder why we are not already there. Maybe a "sci-fi" movie could fold this mode of transport into it's story line. Maybe a book could do the same. Maybe a game?... At the same time perhaps a simulation model of the system can be built and that model could be presented to organizations.. there could be one presentation that is geared towards green advocates, one geared towards right wingers, one geared towards technophiles, on geared towards transportation and labor advocates.... so many angles...From that work we should get someone to be interested in a live model, perhaps a system that connects some gated community with a shopping and medical district with an older population that spends 99% of their time either home, shopping or at the doctor.
Jan 29 2014
7:50 PM
your story is amaze. how can makers do this? does it must come from city or government? can makers & neighbors create a test zone?
Air Maker
Jan 29 2014
7:51 PM
Logistics( 2 )
What resources would you need to mobilize to make this future real?
Jan 26 2014
11:10 PM
People, people, people. People who know people like sci-fi book writers, movie script writers, game writers... the notion must enter the awareness of the masses. Not just smart cars, not just sensors but a radical jump past all those middle steps... the self driving pods move slowly and safely and flawlessly though the tiny neighborhood streets, but they flight like bats out of hell once on the suspended grid. Mass transit without the mass wait!.. it's the solution and the potential is mind boggling but it will take a ground swell of support and belief... so first it must be shown to be the natural progression and the perfect solution.. it should be shown to be as natural as flipping on the TV used to be... anything less is uncivilized.
Air Maker
Jan 29 2014
7:52 PM
turn part of Phoenix into an autonomous zone. connect private neighborhoods to malls to test
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Jan 26 2014
11:23 PM
1 - People are in love with their cars... and they to love play the car feature or car look game... it's a tough one to crack... we like to show off and we like draw attention to ourselves... the ability to have your own personal blinged out pod might be attractive to many at first but that will quickly be seen as a gaudy luxury if transport on a clean well equiped city pod becomes common place...but still the "I want my private" pod group may very well provide some of the energy to make this happen faster. 2 - Investment in the infrastructure will be significant but it can be done in stages, At first a mini suspended network pays for its self by providing delivery service of packages. That acts as a platform for the first heavy transport rails that also pay for themselves.. Then those rails get shared with passenger pods.
Dec 3 2014
2:17 AM
Out of town travel will also be a reason for people to hang on to their cars.