Telecommuting gone Wild

Phoenix - Submitted by jackamofinane on Jan 24 2014

"Lamar! How many times do I have to tell you that pink polka dots do not comply with the dress code"... "oh.. sorry boss" click click... "Thanks, blue is much better" ok now can we start the meeting?. Everyone stop flying now and get in front of me so I can see your faces... ummmm real faces please.. I need to see your body language and facial expressions while I give you the new corporate goals"... Yes, you guessed it this is a regular departmental meeting.. just as effective and twice as fun as a physical meeting but it's happening in cyberspace.. in this case everyone working a Chase Manhattan is connected into a private secured "Professional" edition of Second life.. except that it's now depressingly called "first work"...Anyway you get the idea.. it works great once you get used to it.. The problem however was that all of those huge bank sky scrapers in down town Phoenix have been empty for the past three years and nobody wants to buy them... they are these huge bygone relics of centralized power.. but happily Chase has finally broken down and donated their tower and now the city is turning it into the most amazing interactive museum and community space you have ever imagined... oh and that thing people used to call rush hour... GONE!.. just a distant memory... the only rush hour we have now is when everyone is trying to get to the annual Zombie Crawl at the same time.. PHOENIX ROCKS!

NOW it's your turn...

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Captain Maker
Jan 29 2014
8:10 PM
I think makers should get first dibs on offices and workspaces that are unused after telecommuting takes off.
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