Phoenix - Submitted by jackamofinane on Jan 24 2014

Today the "Nobody" group announced that it had crossed the $100 Trillion mark on it's net worth and Bill Gates is said to have cried all day long. Naming the group "Nobody" was at first just an attempt at being funny. You see the group wanted to allow things to be really shared and they felt that constantly transferring ownership of items between people that were sharing them entailed a whole slew of unnecessary complications.. so they set things up so that items being given to would belong to nobody... and since that was not practical they create a company that would take the ownership and called it nobody... anyway, while the nobody group does indeed have trillions of dollars in possessions all of which have RF-ID tags and all of which are neatly cataloged in a database... the nobody company does not actually have possession of any of these items... The computer I am using to type this review for example.. belongs to nobody, and when I am tired of it I will simply give it back to nobody.. as you can imagine there are all sorts of legal issues to be dealt with (but fear not those laws are being re-written as we speak) and so I am for now technically "renting" this computer from the nobody group for .000001 cents per century.... Anyway, somebody did the math and apparently the Nobody corporation owns everything in Phoenix now and we are all renting everything.. most of us have not paid rent but the nobody corporation does not seem to give a shit... (turns out they get a tax advantage if we don't pay so whatever)... anyway again.. at first we were all kind of freaked out about getting all this stuff for free...and then we were kind of freaked out about not owning anything and being all vulnerable and everything... but damn... life sure has been good lately... PHOENIX ROCKS!

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Air Maker
Jan 29 2014
8:15 PM
like Anonymous+sharing economy?
Dec 2 2014
3:14 AM
Similar to creative commons?
Logistics( 1 )
What resources would you need to mobilize to make this future real?
Air Maker
Jan 29 2014
8:14 PM
if stuff is tag with RFID or connected to internet, very easy for objects to 'move themselves' from person to person place to place as they're needed
Roadblocks( 1 )
What could get in the way of this future?
Dec 2 2014
3:13 AM
Greed and or limited number of a sought after item.