Houselets: micro live/work units

San Jose - Submitted by tmccormick on Jan 28 2014

Affordable housing is a top issue for San Francisco and the region. The city is considered among the most difficult & expensive places in the country to build, under current processes. How might we explore creative & diverse new approaches, and rethink this?

Analogous to Parklets (micro parks/public spaces created on parking spaces), I suggest HOUSELETS: moveable microunits which could be put on parking or any other available spaces.

In the same flexible way we reshape city space for varying times & purposes with parklets, food trucks, dumpsters, modular construction-site offices, etc., we could explore flexibly deploying housing/working space in similar ways. Adapting methods from eco-tinyhouse building, these could be solar-powered, waste-compacting, and essentially off-grid -- in the middle of the city..
Because it's new and different, we need a creative way to explore this & let the public see and engage with tangible models. So, I propose to create & deploy one or more exhibition Houslets.

NOW it's your turn...

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Houselets: micro live/work units

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Feb 2 2014
11:02 PM
Zoning might be an issue. Could people be fined for squatting? In some senses this is a distributed version of a "tent city", eh?
Feb 22 2014
8:13 PM
Another issue with using parking structures and lots is that parking in the City is already so restricted,given the number of cars. Would using these structures to create mini homes and offices only further congest the city?