Living Large (and up)

St. Louis - Submitted by iTrey98 on Jan 30 2014

I think future neighborhoods will be in the form of massive skyscrapers. Not like an apartment as those almost are always just living spaces. What i propose is a skyscraper with an increased circumference, and built upward as high as needed. This skyscraper would have plazas, indoor parks, playgrounds, housing, and many more communal facilities. The logistics of a building of this size would be discussed later on of course, including transport: elevators may need to be updated to fit in the future, Material: cheap and strong, and residents: how many people can we hold. This would be like an apartment but with the feel of a neighborhood, letting people be closer to each other, but still have the space they need.

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Eric the Red
Feb 12 2014
4:11 AM
I see this similar to a vertical cruise ship, with living spaces and amenities all in one self- contained structure. How would you handle emergency evacuations and situations?