Reverse History Outro

Boston - Submitted by Bill McKenna on Jan 30 2014

OK all bodies on board, keep those retroflectors in tact, next wave of submission in under 5, 1:21 & no edits, ride the roll. Test out that new shifted tense!

I thought it'd be just an ordinary night, y'know, on-loop. OK, virtually not so ordinary. It was the last day before SynchroniCity resolved, err0 I mean, the first day before Draft 2025 goes live. Wait, which way does it go again? Any way. SO, I was jogging my memory down by the Watch Factory when suddenly this big doge came running up beside me. Still unclear if it was a leaker from the B. Dynamic design stream, or just an errant query aimed @me. But from which p_layer? Maybe it was a old or not-yet-new search of mine I sent to interrupt now, something I really didn't want to get skyhooked. Either way, me & the doge were together, at least for this instant:

It was hung up on some heavy unfinished interpolation, probably a multi-arm bandit equivalent, judging by the di-vergence angle of its eye cams. I gave it the surplus coincidence I'd accumulated from my last few blocks, imbued in a milk bone to see if an epiphany would make it drop the calc. Done. It looked up at me as I scratched its ears, a gesture synced with swapping enough data mites to ambiently authenticate to each other's diff ratings. I'll spare you the details, but it's not unusual for downloading data to be mapped to an arbitrary chamber of foam, just to give it some visualized form before being compacted to disc. Its drive barked an eject before running off to get in its own way until the next delivery polls up.

I resynched the bark across my sandwich spread and frequency domain, a tuning process abstracted to two crossed dimensions like making a free-throw in abstract basketball. Hey, it's worth a shot, no? The message was garbled with hope. Looks like I'd been delivered an 8-d compact-2 print of overlapping points in time with size. Kinda like GIF? & my desk had the best chance of being able to display it; we'll see if it can cross platform. The transcoded voice, which, at this point, I might really just be imagining with all the filters and dereverbs, said it was an architectural record, and to play it means to display it backwards.

NOW it's your turn...

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