6.4 Fickle Bits

Boston - Submitted by Bill McKenna on Jan 30 2014

What is a bitfic? It's a ficture of speech, sort of an act, an act of sorting. It's playing, displaying. ID, no ID? ID. Energy invested in course of production, embodied water, disembodied water, consump-pumped energy times how long will I, whoa fancy that. Give material account. Little-r accountings. Where did these bits come from? Set threshold of meaningful consolidation. What other forms have they been a part of before coming apart to become this form? Has any of its past forms been here before? Trans form, hear before. It's a process akin to anamnesis for an other. Deja views.

Units are available in hyperlocal and hyperreal for total cosmic accounting, or you can set amounts to agnostic if you just need sigfig quantities rel to vacuum without consciousness in the denominators. Hyperlocal relativism is a slider typed var, you can see how much of this material type is around in Large-r and Larger-r scopes, and how "attached" it is in its present concrescence. [Interrupt 11:11. Cycles might be coming up faster now.] Outermost scopes actually fuzz across open development streams. Check your setting, switch ticks from regular to on-change if you want the local cache to stay matched with the resource block chains under live mod by global mfg and makers alike, if you still distinguish 2 things moving twrd each other.

Overclock it if you speculate for work, get prospects on materials within technomediate reach.. comets, exoplanets, subterranean aquifers. But you usually have to be syncing with sum additional atemic reality checks to balance those edgier potential yield estimates with enough parallel requisite prototyping paths (including traceroutes through beneficial failcases) for any buildclaim exspecs to even make it to presim. I use a when-rel guise, it pauses the bit influx if awaiting a certain world alignment is causing more indecision than outformation.. basically, gives you a break long enough to get something wider or wiser done.

OK. Where were we now. Take a pic, pick that apart. What % is unrecoverable from this make? Store worldbuild to a lens for later, pink the lifecycle to this date, link it to this geo-operand so it triggers poignancy on pick-up. Init, pick and place. Exit, wipe and pipe it. OK, that queue will take at least a few minutes to save. Let's talk. You ask, I'll tell.

Yeah, I guess define definite proliferation of objects. Stratas of design eras to dig through. Stacking is even older than us. Yeah, then in the middle, there's the anti-antique values. Well, for more age than one, the challenge has been to distinguish or artfully confuse maker & faker value. Come on, it's called a fabrication lab! Making something with future antique value means it probably won't return to stream, once it meets the right picker, it's as good as inanimate. Beauty becomes a dangerous design principle. Artistry comes in the disassembly procedures, after the working life of the object.

NOW it's your turn...

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