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Las Vegas - Submitted by DWin1 on Feb 2 2014

It's been a while since your last visit and you are ready to get your party on. It's 10am and as youf flight descends upon Las Vegas you notice that the city has a new color - green. A lot of green. Not the printed kind you like to throw down on a blackjack table in hopes of winning big, the leafy kind of green. You step off the plane and notice that the pollution isn't nearly as bad as you remembered, and the air smells notably sweet. A walk up Las Vegas blvd or down Fremont street no longer reflects a wasteland of concrete and water shows needlessly evaporating the city's most precious resource. It looks like the garden atrium at the Bellagio multiplied infinitely and took to the streets. There are an abundance of fruit & nut trees, garden boxes overflowing with fresh delicious smelling herbs, edible flowers, and vegetables. You do some research and it turns out that businesses all over the city have transformed Vegas by planting edible landscapes. The city is sectioned off into small blocks and businesses "sponsor" them, encouraging their employees to donate time to maintain them. The food is available to anyone who walks by, and even better, it is all planted from non-gmo seed and fertilized by the city's landscaping division who takes donated compostables from local casinos, lawn clippings and leaves from park maintenance to manufacture organic fertilizer. There are solar powered soil testers at each box which display the health of the soil, these sensors notify the sponsor if any contamination occurs. You also learn that this has been implemented across the entire city, not just in the tourist, high traffic areas.
Best of all the food insecurity across the valley has dropped to 0% and the city is able to export food to neighboring cities to aid in their food crisis.

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Support( 1 )
How would you expand or adapt this future in 2025?
Zachary Scholze
Feb 9 2014
8:21 AM
In 2025 I would hope that Cheap renuable energy (hopes for printed solar cells) that plants will be utilized everywhere to improve health!
Stakeholders( 1 )
Who would you need to bring together to make this future happen?
Zachary Scholze
Feb 9 2014
8:20 AM
596,424 is the population of Las Vegas (with roughly 1 million tourists all the time but I will leave them out of my calculations). 119284800 is the number of leaves required to maintain homeostasis of the average CO2 production of a population of 596,424. But Americans dont fall in the norm they fall far above the mean, and Las Vegas I would assume is further still than the Mean of America CO2 production. Therefore I recommend doubling that number, And to improve the current atmosphere you must be proactive and double that just one more time. 477139200 Leaves, that is the number of leaves required to recover the atmosphere assuming the plants can function outside of just the population of Las Vegas not including tourists. Every household would be responsible for 2500 Leaves. With the average per capita income in Las Vegas 27,000$ this would have to be provided for free or low cost (sponsored) My recommendation is to run with your Idea but take it inside. Inside the plants can thrive, and trust me the pollution has no problem getting inside where it will be filtered and treated by the plants, as well greenery in the hotels and households will improve the scenery and standard of living in those areas. It Is a great Idea just needs refinement and could definatly be appied everywhere not just in hazardous Navada!
Logistics( 1 )
What resources would you need to mobilize to make this future real?
Zachary Scholze
Feb 9 2014
8:02 AM
Mobilization of specialized pants that can survive in extreme conditions and still provide food, Fertilizers and water transportation (causing more pollution).
Roadblocks( 2 )
What could get in the way of this future?
Zachary Scholze
Feb 9 2014
8:02 AM
The sun... Sheer temperature of that area will prevent majority of plants outside of buildings to be able to properly function, stoma will not allow transfer of air due to sympathetic responses to intense potential liquid loss. Slowly killing the pants, of Switch too cactus because they store liquid better and functionally are a great source of food and water. But resources are still lost at an alarming rate due to trying to maintain plants outside along the equator.
Jun 29 2018
11:38 PM
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