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Cape Town - Submitted by Phillip Cohen on Feb 7 2014

One road (Landsdowne Road) runs from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean and splits the Cape Peninsula in two. This road forms a corridor from the poorest informal settlements through to some of the wealthiest suburbs in the country.

The scar on the landscape left by Apartheid policies and continued currently by the poor planning left as a result, mean that poor people have no access to the means of production.

They have to travel 80 kilometers every day just to earn enough for some food for their children. Single mothers leave home at 4 in the morning and get home after dark earning the equivalent of $10 per day $5 of which are used to pay for transport.

What if we activate this 42 kilometer road in such a way that the youth (50% of all youth in informal settlements are unemployed) who live in abject poverty can be given a voice to establish a sense of place (placemaking initiative).

Most youth in Africa are not on the the internet and do not have access to computers. The penetration of mobile phones, however, is about 94%. The only problem is airtime and data are very expensive.



The true meaning of Synchronicty is a set of meaningful coincidences.

Lets create a community platform for social change that intentionally creates overlaps so that meaningful coincidences can occur.

1 Network the whole road with free WiFi
and create Youth Cafe's, supervised places close to home where youth can congregate in safety , can collaborate, can access computers, write CV's., find jobs, find mentors, establish and incubate micro enterprises.

2 Start community radios that give voice to the myriad of talented youth that abound in informal settlements. Music is so important to youth. let them tell write the news from their point of view.

3 Identify and create green spaces along the expanse of the road that counteract the ugly landscape of dust and shackland, providing green lungs, food gardens and places of leisure. providing areas for small businesses to thrive food stalls, fresh vegetable sellers, market stalls for local crafts people etc.( Placemaking)

4 Identify cultural and heritage sites that have been long forgotten or actively subject to acts of disremembering and erasure. Bring these alive in an alternative 2 oceans walking marathon, using Augmented Reality, Alternative Reality Games and Transmedia Storytelling providing platforms for uncovered history to be revealed by the communities themselves.

5 Develop platforms for expression and competition using simple mobile apps for the myriad of talented dancers and poets and rappers and hip hop crews. all the beautiful choirs and struggling amatuer dramatic societies. the fascinating melting pot of artists and crafters eking out a living.

5 Use local filmmakers to document the process.

6 use sophisticated mapping and big data statistics to evaluate what works throw out what doesn't and establish a "project in a box" that can easily be replicated and scaled up to be rolled out and implemented throughout the country.

7 Cape Town has been chosen as world design capital for this year so it is an ideal time to showcase this design for a better city when the world is watching.

NOW it's your turn...

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Stakeholders( 1 )
Who would you need to bring together to make this future happen?
May 24 2014
6:01 AM
The community in Khayelitsha with the addition of free WiFi facilitated by Connect Community Development will create the core of a sitable walkable and rideable city.
Logistics( 1 )
What resources would you need to mobilize to make this future real?
May 24 2014
6:13 AM
The core team will be representatives of the following groups: street artists, designers, gaming specialists, urban designers, and Stretch Experiential Marketing. Combined with the team from Connect Community Dev. NPC our IT specialists and our partners in telecoms, Edutech,maker library, Screendance Africa,Learning Lab,hackspace, citizen science. We have started to mobilize all these groups and many have jumped on board.
Roadblocks( 1 )
What could get in the way of this future?
May 24 2014
6:13 AM
Government and institutional bureaucracies lots of red tape and financial constraints .