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San Francisco - Submitted by Germinax on Feb 7 2014

The ads on the bus stops are boring but what if they changed and gave live demos tailored to you while you wait for the bus?

1. You would start by downloading the app for the city's advertising. You select categories that interest you e.g: Beauty, Gaming, Home appliances, T.Vs etc.

2. Whenever you are at a bus stop the ad will read your phone and find an appropriate ad for you based on what you have shared. Lets say it chooses a new video game that is coming out. The trailer plays. The ad prompts you to push "Learn more" on your phone once it ends. It allows you to see other trailers for the same game, release dates, interviews with game developers and so on.

3.At the end of the presentation it will ask you if you are interested. On your phone will be two responses "Yes" or "No" If you choose "No" the app takes that into consideration for choosing your next ad and plays another ad. It allows you to state why you weren't interested in the previous one as an option for more accurate ads tailored to you. If you choose "Yes" the phone sends you the info for the game and any free promotion stuff for it if available (QR code for coupons, free phone wallpaper, ringtone etc...)

Details: If multiple people are at the stop it will display ads based on similar likes. If all people there have "TVs" as something they want to see ads for then it will choose that one. It will show ads based on the widest parameter but will still be more accurate than TV ads since it will choose something the people have actually chosen they want to see ads for.

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Apr 9 2014
8:15 PM
Building an app, providing internet access to the ads, making them interactive.
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Jane McGonigal
Feb 26 2014
6:32 PM
Privacy concerns