Self-run and empowered lanes

Hyderabad - Submitted by Madhavi on Feb 10 2014

We constantly complain about the government not taking care of the city and taxes being used up by the government for their own benefit and how the city is always un-kept and without basic facilities.

Instead of the government taking care of the city, people who live in a lane should form a community for maintaining and providing the following for themselves.

1. parks and grounds for kids
2, Clean and well maintained roads
3. Green patches and environmental friendly disposal of garbage
4. water supply and controlled usage of electricity.
5. Health and welfare programs

lanes across the city should collaborate and compete in implementing this and in return the government should waive off the taxes for the people who live there.

Self run and smaller teams usually will achieve more for the city and peer pressure and competition will encourage more people to contribute and make this a great place to live.

NOW it's your turn...

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Bhavika Aggarwal
May 25 2015
5:24 AM
Resident Welfare Associations
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Feb 23 2014
8:23 PM
The major issue I see right away is there are plenty of neighborhoods who rely on the city to provide those services because they can't afford to themselves. Additionally, if neighborhoods can get tax breaks for maintaining their own neighborhoods, there's no guarantee that won't put more strain on those already low-income neighborhoods. Is there another incentive the city can give to communities who agree to be self-maintaining?
Bhavika Aggarwal
May 25 2015
5:31 AM
Basically, what you're proposing is a decentralization; a modified version of Local Area Planning (the Indian constitution makes a provision for it) where local residents have more power and say in their future. You can also reference Ostrom's Common Pool Resources, which details out and analyzes how people manage common resources. This is an interesting concept but to make it happen you need full support of and coordination between the local residents, as well as long-term commitment. How will you ensure that renters comply? Or landlords who don't live in the neighbourhood? Who takes responsibility? A power structure will need to be designed.