3D Printing Store

Omaha - Submitted by Zachary Bendickson on Feb 16 2014

A combination Walmart/Home Depot type business. Utilizing plastic, ceramic, metallic, and food 3D printers, "all currently available and being improved on."

3D printing is more cost effective and less wasteful than current manufacturing. We would increase that even further by having the business buy all/most of their base materials used in the 3D printers within the immediate region/state/country.

This would save transportation costs and reduce pollution by minimizing distance traveled for both base materials and finished product. No warehousing would be needed, further reducing cost.

You would order over your phone, tablet, computer, or in person specifying a time of pick-up or delivery for a small fee.

We would pay: cost of basic materials, their local shipping, and a "atm" like fee for use of the 3D printer. This fee would be minimal due to mass transactions on a daily basis.

This would be more economical, environmentally sustainable, and business friendly on the local/regional scale.

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