Siembra Merced

Mexico City - Submitted by Siembra Merced on Mar 18 2014

SIEMBRA MERCED is a laboratory for experimentation in green technologies applied to urban agriculture , responsable waste management and climate change adaptation. It is based on the principles of food sovereignty and food security .

SIEMBRA MERCED promotes and generates skills and experiences within the community and fosters a harmonized and sustainable adaptation to climate change promoting community participation of women, children, and people from the Merced neighborhood through workshops and strategic activities.

Promotes the responsible management of waste , reducing carbon footprint , promotes the conversion of roofs and backyards in urban gardens and green spaces , thus promoting accessibility to organic products, improving diet and nutrition , raising awareness about the relationship to the environment, consequently I greening the city.

It uses several green technologies such as: hydroponics , organic farming , rain water harvesting and vermicompost reusing organic waste produced by the economic activities of the food market .

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