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Hyderabad - Submitted by Affan Khan on Aug 2 2014

Hyderabad is a massive city in the Deccan Region of India that desperately needs a proper system of infrastructure and utilities for all people around the city.

It faces problems such as:

-improper solid waste management
-traffic congestion and air pollution from vehicles
-water pollution and especially contamination of the lakes
-uncontrolled industrial wastes
-poor sanitation
-poor water supply
-poor care for historical areas

Is this what one of India's greatest cities really is ?

But in a New Hyderabad the common peoples concerns over Hyderabad will disappear.

First off, proper drainage for solid wastes will be introduced not just in the more urban areas of Hyderabad but for all of the areas that are part of the agglomeration.

Like most Indian cites Hyderabad is facing traffic and air pollution concerns which can be controlled by building of subways and metros and buses. The state and city governments can try to promote the subway or other means of transportation. Thus traffic and pollution can be controlled.

Hyderabad's artificial lakes have always been a beautiful site in Hyderabad and make the city more Eco-green and environmental friendly and also supply the city with water.
But lately massive amounts of trash and medical trash and drugs end up in the lakes . There is no precaution taken to clean these beautiful lakes.

The Industries of Hyderabad pollute the air and lakes by dumping there wastes in our lakes and rivers and by not taking and effort to cut down air pollution. Factories can be moved to other parts of city where there are not many trees. The industries not only hurt the environment but the health of the people of Hyderabad.

Sanitation and water supply are two necessities everyone deserves. There needs to be major clean up of the Lakes, Musi River and other neglected parts of the city. Water Supply is some thing Hyderabad should not lack. The many lakes after being cleaned can provide water to the citizens of Hyderabad.

Poor infrastructure , sanitation and air pollution threaten the cities great historical palaces. Such as the Charminar, Chowmalla Palace, Golconda Fort, and Hussain Sagar. When proper infrastructure and sanitation come into place then Hyderabad's rich heritage can be protected.

Many of these concerns are in other Indian Cities. But someone needs to step up and help a city with great potential.

NOW it's your turn...

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A New Hyderabad A New Hyderabad

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