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Phoenix - Submitted by Venep1967 on Dec 2 2014

Due to the high temperatures during the summer months, which correspond to high electrical utility load during the same time frame, SRP and APS joined forces to promote a more distributed power generating network made up of PV and thermal solar as well as commercial and residential Rankor heat generators utilizing refrigerant used in cooling.

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Support( 0 )
How would you expand or adapt this future in 2025?
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Stakeholders( 1 )
Who would you need to bring together to make this future happen?
Feb 23 2015
5:25 AM
SRP, APS, solar panel company, ASU, a community or even neighborhood willing to implement & test on a small scale.
Logistics( 1 )
What resources would you need to mobilize to make this future real?
Feb 23 2015
5:25 AM
Contacts for the stakeholders; another successful example of this type of solution in another community...hopefully one that demonstrates great returns for all stake holders; initial investment to help fund the logistics of the shift.
Roadblocks( 1 )
What could get in the way of this future?
Feb 23 2015
5:25 AM
A resistance to change, especially if it involves up front costs; the lack of a motivated or group of motivated people driving the change.