City Circles

Baltimore - Submitted by basementhacker on Jan 19 2015

Baltimore has a large problem with housing - most of it is unused, rotting and abandoned. The abandoned buildings pose fire risks and are structurally unsound. The City Circles project would pair individuals with a central company responsible for safely removing useful materials from the condemned buildings. These individuals would be trained on-the-job in demolition sites.
Later, these same individuals would be able to move on to help with construction of a new set of homes. Preferably, these homes would make use of the old materials, with new building techniques. The individual's family would be able to join the community as reward for their efforts.
These homes would be made in groups of 25 and would be clustered around a central urban farm that would be able to provide fresh food to the inhabitants of the Circle. A community gathering place would be erected at one end of the Circle, for use in social events and community meetings. In theory, the community and homes should be self-sufficient.

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