Solar Roadways, Parking lots and sidewalks

Austin - Submitted by Torpek on May 5 2015

Austin is rapidly growing, tech driven city. The improvement I am proposing isn't a new technology, it's actually been in the works for a number of years. I propose I-35, Mo-Pac (Loop 1), Ben-White Blvd, Research Blvd (Hwy 183), TX-45, and US 290 all be replaced with the Solar Roadway panels in the first phase by 2025. This allows for more power distribution while lowering fossil fuel dependencies, reducing car accidents by heating the roadways when icy, LED lighting obstructions or wildlife with intelligent warnings on the roads in real time, rerouting traffic needs on demand via the roadway grid (self powered, of course), adding redundancy to the power grid, and creating additional jobs while lower operating expenses (which help subsidize the costs to employ).

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