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Mexico City - Submitted by Guillermo Elizondo on Oct 1 2015

Our community is very used to the traditional teaching lessons; we all know how old the system is getting for our new global challenges and competences.

First of all we need to improve the way we communicate, we have the perfect tools, but communities like "Maker cities" have to be all around our daily interests and objectives, this way you can communicate with people that has the same interests and mindset. This will also give the people better sources for communication being more specific, this means we have better organization and as a result gives more power to the people. Its like the new trend of marketing, now before you buy something you can google it and look for opinions of other people.
The new generations are getting more information now thru the internet and the problem is that there are not safe and secure information. (In my opinion a new system or software need to be done in order to organize the quality of learning).

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