Peerocrat Governance

Maker World - Submitted by Greg Richardson on Aug 15 2013

Universal taxing systems like SPLOST will give way to self-organizing, voluntary crowdfunded initiatives for new parks, bike paths, arts and other uses. Citizens will be able to target their financial contributions towards personalized goals and aspirations.

Social networks and peer financing systems will become the new community banks. Entrepreneurs seeking capital will engage citizens and businesses to become sponsors, contributors and even investors in a long-tail of economic development.

Private sector organizational models will shift away from LLCs and S-Corps, and towards member-owned cooperatives and more nonprofits. Doing good while doing well will become sustainable as a career choice, not a retirement option.

Power and influence will shift from the cathedral to the bazaar. Hierarchical command and control will be less important than intricate, peer-connected networks. Tyranny and corruption will become as difficult to pull off as fraud on eBay.

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