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Portland - Submitted by Lindsea on Sep 13 2013

Enjoying a cultural renaissance, Honolulu becomes the Maker City that joins together Eastern and Western aesthetics, philosophies and lifestyles. Chinatown and Kaka'ako provide walkable and bike-friendly streets lined with art galleries, boutiques, artisan delis, cafes and restaurants. Built from the bottom up by an active community, the city of Honolulu engaged citizens through a participatory urban planning platform called UrbanAloha developed during a series of Hackathons at Interisland Terminal, a space dedicated to advancing the role of arts in innovation, and partnered with the State's Office of Information Management and Technology.

In the changing economic topography of Honolulu, the majority of tourism moves away from the congested and dirty streets of Waikiki to organic farms where the eco-tourism industry blooms along with Hawaii's food independence. Providing new ways to make a living, more and more young people are able to find jobs doing what they love in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Whether it's working in a bustling hi-tech scene filled with venture capitalists from Asia, designing urban farms and rooftop gardens, writing about art and culture, rebuilding the UH campus into clusters of innovation labs, or conducting space research, Honolulu is consciously making efforts to reverse the brain drain, and doing it in style.

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