Magneticor Pressure Freight Shipping Tubes

Maker World - Submitted by Steve-O on Sep 23 2013

We often hear about a proposed transcontinental/interstate oil pipeline but what about shipping pipes? Starting out of Los Angles, these tubes could rapidly carry goods across vast distances and greatly reduce traffic congestion and oil consumption. Such a system could theoretically run on green power and be propelled by either electro-magnetic tracks or air pressure (like you used to see in banks and large industries).

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How would you expand or adapt this future in 2025?
Sep 24 2013
6:59 PM
This is a great idea. It sounds similar to the Hyperloop, but transporting goods. I wonder if we could build a multi purpose tube that can transport both the humans and their stuff?
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Oct 1 2013
3:56 AM
Interstate commerce implications will make this require heavy legal work. How can the crowd and makers facilitate this legal work?