Birmingham saves Football #hometown

Maker World - Submitted by dunagan23 on Oct 14 2013

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) rocked the NFL and football at all levels--leading to massive lawsuit payouts and a 50% reduction in kids under 12 playing football. Combining its growing reputation as a medical center with its long history of being "the football capital of the south," people in Birmingham mobilized to "save football." The early results are encouraging, and in fact,an aspiring young scientist from Pelham may have invented a new helmet technology that dramatically reduces brain injury from collision.

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Oct 14 2013
7:45 PM
Cool! I'd be faskinated by imagining how makers can re-make sports to be more creative and participatory.
Oct 14 2013
7:53 PM
The new helmet technology is attached to highly advanced robots that do all of the sportsball playing for us.
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