Learning Everywhere #hometown

Portland - Submitted by MoK on Oct 14 2013

Outdoor "classrooms" abound in 2025 (some with roofs; this is Portland, after all!), along the park blocks and the river you can drop in and interact with interested citizens of all ages, each focused on a different topic.

NOW it's your turn...

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Learning Everywhere #hometown

Questions and Answers!

Support( 0 )
How would you expand or adapt this future in 2025?
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Stakeholders( 2 )
Who would you need to bring together to make this future happen?
Jan 22 2014
6:48 PM
Teacher training specialists, curriculum developers, organizational and business people, progressive accreditation entities
Sep 14 2014
5:19 AM
Parents, learners of all ages, teachers (expanding beyond the college-trained definition of teacher)
Logistics( 0 )
What resources would you need to mobilize to make this future real?
No one has built here yet, be the first!
Roadblocks( 1 )
What could get in the way of this future?
Feb 20 2014
7:02 PM
Like you said, this is Portland we're talking about. Would courses only run the length of the good weather, when students and teachers are a little more free anyways, or would there be alternate locations for there talks? Libraries? Coffee houses, sort of like an educational open mic?