Oakland Co-Creates its Identity

Oakland - Submitted by BH1981 on Oct 14 2013

In 2025, Oakland opens up all its iconography—city logo, stationary, all official uniforms (police, fire, etc), etc—and allows any Oakland resident to create, collaborate and vote on designs.

NOW it's your turn...

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Support( 2 )
How would you expand or adapt this future in 2025?
Oct 14 2013
7:49 PM
augmented reality tools get put to use to enable people to communicate with each other and share hyperlocal information about the history, experience and future of oakland.
Oct 16 2013
6:34 PM
This is a great idea! It's like 'the people ARE the city', instead of 'the people are represented by the city'
Stakeholders( 0 )
Who would you need to bring together to make this future happen?
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Logistics( 0 )
What resources would you need to mobilize to make this future real?
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Roadblocks( 1 )
What could get in the way of this future?
Jan 25 2014
5:50 AM
printing costs? How often do changes happen?