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Maker World - Submitted by Rachelkeas on Oct 14 2013

Rural Coders!: By 2025, the Redding community will be 12 years into a cohort of kids & adults who have learned coding skills (2013-2025).

This kind of maker learning will take place in traditional educational institutions via Shasta County Office of Education ( and at community-based workshop spaces like BuildItRedding ( and CodeItRedding (

As a result, companies based in Redding will be able to seek coding abilities locally. This will unleash a lot of possibilities for turning ideas of all kinds into action quickly.

NOW it's your turn...

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How would you expand or adapt this future in 2025?
Oct 14 2013
7:51 PM
Sweet. I think local, rural communities could benefit from coding, as most startups are focused on the urban market and stuff
Oct 14 2013
7:54 PM
There could be really interesting lessons from rural coders that could benefit suburban communities as well.
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