Near-sourced (mini) City Hall

San Jose - Submitted by Innovate_EconDev on Oct 22 2013

An opt-in community of city government workers do all their work from a small pilot building near main City Hall. Everything in this space is made in the Bay Area - it is a living demonstration zone for physical, electronic, and software services. A small-scale designer in San Francisco designed the tables; a hardware hacker made the computers; a meet-up group is constantly working on open-source permitting software.

This work can be frustrating. Not everything works perfectly. However, the employees who work here volunteered - they wanted new ideas, a different workspace, and/or success for San Jose.

The services they work on initially are non-auxiliary, and sometimes they overlap. However, what is incubated here gets transitioned into main City Hall workings.

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Feb 20 2014
6:58 PM
This would be a great opportunity to create more volunteer opportunities for city hall. Why not set up internship relationships with the local high schools, who perhaps agree to host events or house projects the Mini-City Hall creates in exchange for a minimum number of students to do whatever after school or weekend work needs doing and can sit in on meetings and ask questions after. Might be a good way to get more free help, free venues and storage, and high school kids interested in local politics.
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