Public Bank

San Francisco - Submitted by Neal Gorenflo on Oct 22 2013

San Francisco banks tax revenues with a city owned bank. The bank loans to support local businesses and nonprofits. Interest earnings helps city fund social programs and remain solvent. Serves as feeder bank to private banks complementing rather than competing with private banks.

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Public Bank

Questions and Answers!

Support( 1 )
How would you expand or adapt this future in 2025?
Aaron Galassi
Nov 23 2013
10:40 AM
If banks are backed by FDIC how do you propose this will work?
Stakeholders( 1 )
Who would you need to bring together to make this future happen?
Jan 23 2014
5:24 AM
people interested in banking, politicians, entrepreneurs, finance specialists
Logistics( 0 )
What resources would you need to mobilize to make this future real?
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Roadblocks( 1 )
What could get in the way of this future?
Jan 23 2014
5:26 AM
The existing financial system doesn't work this way, nor does any other city. Major effort would be required on the part of politicians to make this bank happen, and political support can be hard to get.